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Government: Little Stream, Big God

When events in the news break my heart and overpower my ability to help, there’s something I can do – we can do.  Something big! We see it everywhere.  Overseas, a crying woman begs the west to “save us or bomb us” to end their suffering under ISIS.  A sex slave survivor says, “What they are doing to… Continue reading Government: Little Stream, Big God


Why I Have Hope – Not Fear or Hate – for ISIS

There are two reasons. 1.  I know God has a history of moving gloriously on behalf of His people. Don’t you love listening to how over and over God came to the rescue of and fought for His people? When the Israelites were enslaved under Pharaoh in Egypt, and God sent the plagues (Exodus), How God defeated Moab… Continue reading Why I Have Hope – Not Fear or Hate – for ISIS